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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Your Favorite Cock Teasing Princess Next Door

 I am not like your typical girl that lives next door to you. Sweet looking yes, but flirty, teasing, and a total cock tease double yes. I see you when your wife is away and you are in your bedroom watching me. I pick out the perfect time to tease you by the skimpy little clothes I wear. You don't think I can see the way that you are looking at me from your bedroom window and that lust in your eyes. I bet you are so hard that you start stroking your cock right now. You see the way that my top shows off my perky tits. I flaunt them around you and giggle when you see me and say “Do you like this little outfit I have on today?” Why wouldn’t you? It shows off my petite little body perfectly. And when I bend over you can get a very good look at my pretty little panties.

You can't help but take your big fat dick out and start stroking it. Does it feel good? I bet you wish my pretty little hands were wrapped around it stroking for you. I would touch it, stroke it, run the palm of my soft hand up and down your shaft and then when you start dripping pre cum I’ll stop. I know you don’t want me too but I will and I’ll just giggle because you are so worked up that your balls are just aching.

You know that I’m a slut for the right kinda man. But what really has you curious is if I will be your slut. I think not. I mean why should I? Are you man enough to give me what I want? Or are you a subbie? Do you have a big dick? Or is it average or small? And If I give up my tight bald pussy to you then what will you give me in return? Or should I say what will you do for me first? Don’t even think for one moment that I’m going to wrap these teen pink lips around your dick until you do something that I want. And would that be you sliding my pretty little panties on? Taking my big fat strap on? Maybe a bit of bondage? Or maybe you are kinky and will drink down your own cum for me.

I know you wanted to know what my little mouth would feel like if I was on my knees sucking your dick. I bet you drip jizz just fantasizing about it. I just know every time you feel your wife's mouth or pussy lips wrapped around your dick you wish it was me. My little lips are EXTREMLY tighter then hers. And they get much wetter than hers do. And just think about all the kinky, dirty things that I will do to you. She’s not a slut like me and would never make your dick explode like I can.

I could give you something like you’ve never have before. But for now all I’m going to give you is one hot mind fuck as I come over to your house and slowly sit down on your lap and grind in slow circles. Don’t think that I can’t feel that dick poke my little ass. I could be like the perfect little stripper girl who has you in a private room and I’ve gotten your dick so hard it’s ready to bust. I brush my little breasts across your chest as I’m giving you a lap dance you never forget. You can look but no touching. I’m gonna just keep humping your dick with my pretty little panties and moan out your name as I’m brushing my lips against your ear. I’ll have your head spinning so much out of control by the way I inch up my little skirt and show off my pretty panties. And by the time I slide my little top up slowly and touch my perky breasts, you will be cumming in your pants. I won't even have the chance to strip down to my little creamy thong and give you what you really want. And if you look really close pervy you can see my pretty bald pussy push through the material. so before you start stroking that dick off, give me a call. 

I just know you are ready for me to give you something like you’ve never had before. And before you know it my sweet voice will have you sharing all your deep secrets with me.

Princess Nikki

Monday, November 28, 2011

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

Dear Diary,

I just love to laugh at all the pathetic little men and boys with tiny dicks. And I know they get a instant boner when I do. How could they not? I mean my girlish giggle is enough to make any guys cock rock hard. I love flaunting my body at them too and flashing my pretty panties and bare perky tits. Their mouths fall open when they look at me being a tease. They know that they will NEVER get a chance to slide their worthless pueny prick anywhere near my pretty princess pussy or in my warm wet mouth. I mean why would I wanna give a sloppy warm wet blow job to a needle worm when I could have a big long dick from a real man? There is this one guy who comes in our chat room and he loves small penis humiliation phone sex. He has a widdle dick that’s 3 inches in size. That’s too little to do anything with really.  And it’s so tiny that he has to sit down to pee just like a girl. It’s a shame too because I told him he should have been born as a fucking girl.

He loves to bring out his favorite girl friend and start humping her. What do you think that could possibly be? I mean no living girl would ever give him the time of day. So could it be a blow up doll? Maybe his dog? Maybe he grinds his cocklette against his bed. Or maybe he grabs a fucking watermelon out of his kitchen and the hole that’s missing in the center is what he uses to try to fuck it. Or maybe he uses a pocket pussy. You know those flesh lights that a lot of guys go around carrying? Well it’s none of the above for this fucking loser. His girl friend is his pillow! And when he can’t get that sometimes he just humps the air. Have you ever heard of anything more pathetic than that?

So there he is with his midget 3 inch kneedle prick with his fingers just ready to rub it as he has me on the end of his phone. And he says “Princess Nikki I’ll do anything if you let me touch my dick!” I know he fantasizes about going through my panty drawer. But he won’t get my favorite ones. I’ll find the ones that have the most ruffles on them and the pretty little bows and force him to wear them.  And what makes these extra special is they have a hole right over the ass so I can use whatever I want to stick up his slutty hole. I’ve used Ice cubes, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and a fucking plunger to stick up his ass. Today I decided I was going to really give him something to remember so I told him to grab a bottle of coke and some mentos. That would truly give his ass a blast of an explosion LOL! So there he stood on cam with a roll of candy and a soda and here I was saying “Look you pathetic slut if you want to hump your fucking girl friend then you better bend your worthless ass over and start sticking those mentos up your hole!” He was about ready to cum so he didn’t play around. Out came those round pieces that were about to go up his tunnel and open came his coke ready to be shoved up his ass. And before he knew it that bottle was fucking his hole but not for long cause when he started wiggling back and forth out shot that bottle and all this white looking ooze started to drip from his hole.

This pathetic loser didn’t even have time to hump the air because once that fizz made him wiggle and his pueny prick started moving back and forth he dropped to his knees begging me for release and then he came hard! I teased him and called him degrading names and flashed my little princess bald pussy at him and this little bitch got hard again! But this time when he brought his girl friend out I teased him and denied him. That’s right I love tease and denial phone sex. I did not allow this little man to release a second time. He wanted too so bad! I said “Why the fuck should I allow you to do that? I never said yes the first fucking time! You just came without my permission so no I won’t be letting you do anything!” He wanted to prove himself so bad to me that he ended up extending three times with me. I just knew he liked having his wallet drained by this princess. And I know he got off on financial domination phone sex. It was either that or walk around with blue balls all day. So after being on the phone with me for over an hour I finally allowed this itty bitty teeny weeny pathetic waste of a loser to spit his cum out. I can’t wait for him to call his favorite humiliation phone sex princess again. Who knows what will happen next time *bratty giggles*

Do you have a tiny tic tack prick like him? If so, get ready... This princess will be your next addiction... Call me for some small penis humiliation phone sex today. I bet your tiny pecker is getting hard just thinking about it....I will have you on your knees begging me to cum.

Princess Nikki

Friday, October 28, 2011

Wicked Lil Minix In Disguise

Sometimes when guys look at me they think I look very sweet and innocent. I would say that’s just a few things to describe the kinda princess I am. Little do they know how much of a naughty girl I really am. I always say the innocent looking ones are the ones you have to watch out for. It’s what’s on the inside that really counts.

It reminds me of the guy next door who likes to do really nice things for me. He likes to buy me gifts from my wish list like cute skirts, sexy little tops, panties, and jewelry. Basically any thing that I want. And I have him wrapped around my pretty little finger. I always tease him by the way that I look at him. He gets so horny when he sees me walk by dressed in my school girl skirt and tight fitting tops. You know the ones that fit very tight that you can see my nipples through the material. And I know he likes seeing me in my white thigh hi's and little white shoes.

Today I was just getting out of class and I walked by and give him that look. You know the seductive smile that’s really flirty and that kind of body language that makes you get a instant boner in your pants. I can only imagine the dirty things that are going on in his mind. Sometimes I let him come over my house if I’m feeling like being a tease to him. I have made his cock rock hard so many times. I love touching my little body all over. Sometimes if I feel like being a brat I will lift up my top and give him a glimpse of my perky breasts. Or sometimes I bend over in front of him to show off my cute little white panties. Sometimes even move my little panties to the side to expose my pink tight pussy. I can only imagine what thoughts are going through his head. I bet he wants to explode so bad when he sees me do that he can taste it. He will just moan out and say “Oh my god Nikki wha wha what are you doing!” I just laugh and play that innocent role and say “What do you mean what am I doing?” But I know exactly what I’m doing driving him up the fucking wall *giggles*

Well today when I got home he was in his front yard. I asked him over because I knew this was going to be the day that I was going to turn up the heat a bit. There we were in my room and there was only one chair to sit on. I had a ton of things scattered all over my bed so it made it impossible for me to sit there. I looked down at him and caught him staring up my little skirt. I looked down at him batting my lashes and said “Where ever will I sit? My bed is all messy and I’m not going to sit on the floor.” He just looked around with a rock hard boner in his pants and I said “Oh I know where I’ll sit!” And down came my little ass right in his lap. I made sure to wiggle around to drive him insane!

I looked into his eyes and said “I’m really trying to get comfy but your boner is poking my little ass!” I started to grind around and move in circles while I listened to his breathing get more intense. I took my hand and inched up my skirt and said “Hmmm Mr. Pervy do you like my perfume?” Then I inched my neck over to his nose. He looked at me and said “OHHHH Nikki you smell just like candy.” I giggled and said “I taste like candy too Mr. Pervy.” He said “Why do you keep calling me that Princess?” I said “I know about your secrets and you are a pervy. Don’t try to deny it or I’ll just have to expose your dirty little secrets.”

His face started to turn red as I continued to keep wiggling my little ass on his dick. Then I slowly got up and moved some of the things off my bed and sat right in front of him. I lightly brushed my glossy lips across his and said “If you don’t give me what I want I’m going to have to expose your secrets to everyone.” He said “What do you want me to do?” I said “For right now that’s not important I’ll just let your mind fester on the idea.” I took my soft little hand and placed it on top of the bulge of his pants and said “Judging by the stains there I bet your cock wants to cum doesn’t it?”

He stuttered and said “OMG well um um yeyeyessss.” I flashed my little tits at him and said “Here are the rules I’ll let you take that cock out but if you should cum really fast or don’t continue to do really nice things for me like give me money and gifts and spoil me then I’m going to tell on you.” He didn’t want that to happen and he really didn’t want his wife finding out how much of a pervert he really was. I said “You better agree or I will say that you are putting your hands all over me and your cock in all of my little holes and forcing yourself on me. Now what would they think knowing that I’m such a innocent little girl?” Then I had a evil wicked grin. So he knew he would do anything I want. No questions asked. I'm sure he sees me bringing in guy's all the time. In his bedroom jerking off his cock seeing me as I get fucked in my little wet pussy.

I scooted real close to him and said “Now take your dick out and start stroking it. And think about my teen bald pussy lips wrapped around your dick. And think if you give into my demands maybe when you least expect it I’ll allow you to fuck me.” Then I inched my skirt up and exposed my pretty kitty to him. I started touching it saying “MMMM it feels so good just look at it. Makes your dick wanna pop doesn’t it? Just imagine these tiny walls choking your dick. And think you wouldn’t have to jack your dick off wondering what my barely legal pussy lips feel like wrapped around your shaft. You would have them all for yourself. And maybe if you are really lucky I’ll let you cum inside of me.” Soon as I said that he begged me to blow his load and agreed to everything I said. I’ve never seen a pervy cum so hard before!

I just love being a wicked minx that is in disguise. So watch out for my tight little pussy it can have you doing things you never dreamed of doing... *giggles*

Princess Nikki
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Daddy Has A Dirty Lil Secret

Daddy came to me today and said “Nikki I have a secret to tell you."  I laid there dressed in my little blue jean skirt and cute little top with my white cotton panties under it as he told me "All the girls make fun of me and are mean to me." I looked at him and said "Why daddy?" He went on to say "They tease me because they know I want to wear panties and take a strap on in my ass and a real cock in my mouth." I scooted to the edge of the bed and said "What makes you think I wouldn't tease you and laugh at you and say the same things that they do? I'm always going around here laughing at you. Haven't you ever noticed or wondered why? It's cause I knew you were a fucking panty wearing slut. And I know you like playing with toys. I found your secret collection one day when I was snooping in your secret drawer!" Daddy felt like he could tell me anything because I am his special little princess. He looked down at me and said "Nikki you are such a little brat!" I batted my lashes and said "Yes i'm a fucking brat but you love it don't you!" He knows that I like to walk around in front of him dressed like a little slut in my skimpy clothes. He always gets so hard when he sees me bending over showing off my pretty little panties He also told me that he has been fantasizing about me making him my little bitch. He said he wanted to be a slut just like me and wanted me to pop his ass cherry.

 As I got up off his bed and stood there teasing and taunting him by touching myself and giggling I could see the bulge in his pants getting bigger. I slid up my little top as I exposed my tits to him and flashing off my white panties to him. I walked into my room and looked in my drawer for my strap on. When I came back out I could see him taking his hand as he was stroking his cock through his pants. I looked at him and said "I'm going to make you my little bitch today daddy." Then I told him to take off his pants and get his tight virgin ass ready for me. As he slid out of them exposing his throbbing hard cock he looked at me as I slowly started to lift up my short jean skirt and expose my little panties to him. I pulled them to the side first as I exposed my bald little pussy to him and started to run my little finger in and out of my lips.

I smiled at him as I started to put on my strappy and said "Bend over daddy I know you want to be a horny little strap on taking slut for me." I started playing with my puffy nipples and slid my fingers in my barely legal pussy and heard him moan out like a slut in heat. As I grabbed some easy glide to lubricate it I took it and started to run it up and down his tight little hole. Saying "I know you would do anything for your little princess now wouldn’t you daddy? And you would really do anything just to feel my sweet teen pussy lips run along your throbbing hard shaft wouldn’t you?” I giggled as he started to moan out louder panting and he said “Oh god yes Nikki I would!” I walked up closer behind him and said “Relax now because i'm going to slide it in."

I started to slowly feed it to him he started to say "Ohhhh baby it's so big and it really stretches me open." he could feel me start to pump it in and out. I grabbed his hips as I started to go a little faster. I know he wanted me to fuck him deep and hard. He wanted me to pump that huge strappy deep in his fuck hole. I looked at him as I slid it all the way in and all the way out. I fucked him so good that he started to beg me if he could stroke his cock. Hearing me say "Take my strap on like a good little bitch. I know you wish this was a real fucking cock don’t you daddy? Maybe my hot shemale friend or one of your co workers you have been secretly drooling over. Or maybe you wish it was my hot girl friend with her huge strappy like mine taking your hole!" The more I said that the more he moaned out "Oh yes i'm your little whore princess."

He begged me to rim his hole and rape his tiny ass. I popped that little cherry and not being able to take it much longer. Daddy knew that no one could give it to him like I could and the way that i was hitting that g spot I just knew he was going to blow soon. He looked back at me jerking off his cock so fast begging me over and over if he could cum and I said “I'll let you know when you can cum  you horny fucker!” I started jacking off his cock with my soft little hands and said “I bet you would give anything to lick my little cunny lips wouldn’t you pervy? You would give in to all my demands to feel my soft wet pussy grip around your tongue. I know you wanna fuck me right now but that’s not going to happen.” Then I leaned down and whispered in his ear and said "The only way you will ever feel this princess pussy wrapped around your dick is in your fucking dreams."

He whimpered out as I started slapping his ass. He looked back at me as I said “Tell me you are a fucking cock stroking pervy for your princess! Tell me you love feeling me take your mangina with my strappy! And tell me that you will drink down all your cum like a thirsty slut!” He started repeating everything back to me saying “I’ll do anything for you and that princess pussy Nikki!” I started teasing his balls as I said “We will have to test that one day daddy but right now I want you to blow the biggest fucking load you ever had for me and lick it all up. And if you don’t! Then I’ll never let you lick my pussy or worship my perfect little princess ass! And I’ll tell mommy you are a jerk off perv!” He said “NO NO NO! I’m cumming now baby and I’ll drink it all down for you too!” When I got finished with him he cum so hard that his balls were drained.

Maybe next time i'll have both of his slutty little holes filled at the same time and turn into a true strap on taking slut. My strappy in his ass and another in his mouth. I just love to play with daddy and he will never deny me.

Can I be your naughty little princess today? Why don't you come message me on AIM or Yahoo: NawtyLilNikki4u and let me know all of your dirty little secrets...

Princess Nikki

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sissy Tiffy's A Kinky Luvin Pickle Slut

Dear Diary,

Look at the way i'm standing here like this with my thong down exposing my pretty little princess ass and tiny holes. It reminds me of one of my favorite sissies. I just have to tell you about Tiffy. She is my pathetic pickle whore. This kinky panty wearing slut has been doing sissy phone sex calls with me for about two months now. And I have to tell you the first time she called me I must have LMAO! It was the first time I heard a subbie make animal noises. I could pretty much get her to make whatever kinda humiliating noises I want. All I have to say is “Sissy Tiffy oink like a pig!” And out comes her oink oink oink! Or I could say “Meow like a fucking cat!” And she would meow, meow, meow. Or I could tell her to bark like a dog and she would sound just like a ankle biter! But what I like most is when she dresses up in girlie clothes with her face made up and begs to lick my tight little princess ass. She knows she has to earn that right though. I just love being a seductive flirt with her. I love to wrap her around my finger and tease her and get her all excited. Especially when I wiggle my little panty covered ass at her. I love giving the ultimate mind fuck because once I have her all worked up the word “NO” will not exit her mouth.  And making silly animal noises is just the start of what she will do for me. It doesn’t matter if she goes out to the mall and has a make over and walks around so everyone can see her. She loves the attention and loves public humiliation phone sex even more!

I love bending her over like a bitch and take my strappy up her mangina. But I won’t fuck this sissy slut with just a strappy. I’ll make her go into her fucking kitchen and find a pickle and suck on it like a pole smoking slut and make it sloppy wet for me. You should hear her painted pink lips slide up and down that pickle too. She defiantly has had that mouth wrapped around some strappy’s before! When it’s nice and sloppy wet and her clitty is just throbbing and her sissy man pussy just aching to get stuffed I’ll say “Drop to your fucking hands and knees and beg me to fuck you with this pickle! She sounds like a cat in heat begging me over and over. And when I finally allow her to get that hole stuffed it’s the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard! She sounds just like a girlie girl getting fucked. Sliding that pickle in and out of her mangina pumping it fast and deep. But first before I do that I like to tease her slutty hole. I love rubbing it against her hole and getting her worked up. I’ll barely slide it in and then slide it out. Then rub it up and down that puckered hole. Listen to her squirm and moan and just barely push it in again. By the time I’ve teased her and gotten those juices flowing she wants to be fucked just like a pickle loving whore.

 I can tell her little ass is almost virgin like cause she can’t take anything big up there. That’s okay though because she has no idea I’m training her slutty hole for much bigger and fatter things. When I think she’s earned the right to have my little ass in her face then I’ll really turn up the dirty phone sex notch a lot. Sissy Tiffy will be right under my princess bum and beg to stick her tongue up my little hole. And she begs to be a golden shower phone sex drinking slut too. Whenever she comes around I’ll make sure my bladder is full just so I can lower my bald pussy lips right over her face and part my lips and say “Drink up sissy! And if you drop any on the ground you will have your slutty ass on the ground licking it up!”

She’s one of my most favorite obedient girlie girls though. Because not only will she drink down my delicious golden rain but she will also plunge her fucking tongue deep in my little lips. Why should a princess like me ever need a toilet or paper when I can just use her as my very own personal toilet slave? I want the fucking world and all the other sissies out there to know about Tiffy. Because I have yet to find a subbie who is as kinky, dirty and pathetic as her! When she finally is allowed to slide her tongue up my perfect little ass I just start to giggle again because she’ll start to make those humiliation phone sex noises again. Her fucking clitty and mangina gets so wet when she hears my girlish giggle that she just about creams her fucking panties! But will I allow this little bitch to cum? NO!!! Not until she begs me and promises that she will clean up those undies like a good little cum slut! And if she tries to tell me no I’ll just walk away and say “you cant cum  you little slut!” I’m such a bratty princess! But she loves it! All it takes is me being a tease and flashing my pretty little undies and exposing my perky little tits and ass and she is like putty in my hands! My little sissy fingered that tight mangina and creamed those panties up and licked every last drop of her yummie cum!

I just love sissy phone sex with Tiffy! Are you a slutty sissy like her and ready to be my good little girlie girl? 

Then call me at 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Princess Nikki

Friday, August 19, 2011

Seductive Phone Sex Princess Part 2

Dear Diary,

So there he was my college professor Mr. A on my bed totally restrained and helpless. His wrists were tied by my silk scarves to my head board and his knees tied to the footboard. I made sure to have enough give for what I had in store for him next. He looked so handsome and totally at my mercy. He was the kinda man that a girl like me could just get lost in. But first before I could allow that to happen his seductive phone sex princess had to turn the tables and he had to give me something first.

This sweet pussy wanted to slide down on his big hard cock so bad that It was glistening wet. I smiled at him as I returned from my closet with my favorite 9 inch toy in my hand. Mr. A loved strap on phone sex. I could tell deep down inside. And only a girl like me was about to give it to him just how he wanted. And besides he did say he would do anything to feel my barely legal phone sex pussy lips slide down on his big fat cock didn’t he? He had this surprised look on his face as he said “Nikki what are you going to do with that?” I giggled and said “Well Mr. A this is just for you. And I have been waiting sooooo long to get you bound and here on my bed that I would just have to make you my bitch.” His face turned a pale shade of red as he said “But.. But Nikki!!” I cut him off and said “But Nikki nothing! Just look at this pretty little pusssy and how my panties are clinging to it. Don’t you want to feel how tight and wet I am for you? Don’t you want to slide that throbbing cock inside and get a taste of heaven?”

I slid my strappy on and climbed on top of him and leaned down towards him and started to lick and kiss on his nipples. I just barely took the tip of the strap on and slid it up and down his ass. I looked into his eyes and said “Mr. A  you are alllllllllllllll mines tonight and before we leave I will be alllllllllllllllll yours also.” I touched him all over with my soft little hands. Trailing them down between his legs to touch his cock. He looked into my eyes and said “you make the perfect little teen for cock tease phone sex Nikki.”

I grabbed some k-y personal lubricant and coated that big fat strap on and said “Prove to me right now how bad you want to submit to me Mr. A” I smiled and slowly started to slide my strappy inside of him. I moved all the way in and all the way out.. I moved my hips in circles as I began sucking on his nipples again. I said “OOOOOH Mr. A I’m your princess and you are my subbie.” Then I started to move a little faster. I slowly started to stroke and pump his cock as he totally let go and said “Princess Nikki please make me your bitch. Your strap on cock feels so good inside of me. I want you to own me. I want to totally be yours. I want to shower you with gifts and whatever your heart desires.”
 I looked down at him as I brushed my soft pink painted lips against his and said “You are all mines and I own you. And soon I will own your thick warm cum too. You will no longer belong to your wife. You will be only mine.” I started fucking him faster and deeper. I squeezed his cock and played with his balls. Pre cum was oozing out so much I could tell he was ready to cum. 

I started hitting his g spot and pulling him onto me taking it in deeper. I smiled and said “Are you ready to give me your cum Mr. A?” He moaned out saying “Yes Princess I am!” I leaned back down into him and with my little top lifted I brushed my breasts and puffy nipples against his chest. I slowly slid my strappy out of him and said “It’s time for me to be allllll yours now.”

Our bodies were both trembling all over and the only thing I wanted was to totally be in charge of what I wanted. I slowly slid that strappy out of his slutty hole and moved it to the side. My dripping wet bald pussy lips started to tease the tip of his cock head. He looked up at me and said “Princess let me grab my condom to put on. I don’t want to get you pregnant.” I laughed and said “Condom? I don’t want you to put a condom on. I need to feel your fleshy warm cock sliding in my warm 18teen year old pussy. And don’t you want to feel how wet it is for you?” He was so nervous because he didn’t want to get me pregnant. I gave a seductive smile and said “I want you to shoot your baby batter in my little pink pussy. That will be one of the ways I will truly own you. And besides if you don’t slide your bareback cock in me then I will not allow you to cum. I’ll just leave out right now and you can stay here tied to my bed with a fucking hard on.”

I started to get up and Mr. A said “No No No! Please don’t leave me here like this. Oh god Nikki I need you so bad. I want to slide my throbbing hard cock in you even if that means getting you pregnant!” I took his raging hard on and slid down on it and slowly started to push him in. I could feel his thickness stretch my tiny walls open. I moved down deeper and deeper. I wanted to feel every inch move through my tiny walls as I gripped and squeezed around his shaft. I looked down at him saying “You belong to me don’t you subbie? Now you are truly mine and I am yours.” I choked even tighter as I started to ride his stiff long cock.

With every thrust I squeezed until he couldn’t take it anymore. I could feel my pussy lips start to quiver around his cock. I couldn’t hold back and my kitty walls were ready to climax all over his pulsating muscle. I kept cumming over and over as I moved faster and faster calling out his name “Oh Mr. A fuck your princess pussy it’s all yours!” He looked up at me plunging deeper and said “Princess I need to cum so bad may I please bury my seed deep in you?” I looked down and said “Ask me again slave! Beg me to cum!” I moved up and down faster until he was gasping and begging. I leaned down into his restrained body and said “Yes Professor A give me that seed. Plant it in this sweet little pussy right now.” He came so hard and shot the biggest load of cum. I laid on top of him touching all over his body and said “MMMM that feels so good. Your secrets are safe with me for now. I can’t wait for you to visit me again so I can be your seductive phone sex princess…”

I just love bondage phone sex and draining every last drop of cum from my professors cock. Are you ready for me to drain all the cum from yours too? I’ll be here ready for you to cum serve me today…

Princess Nikki 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

2 Girl Phone Sex Fun

Pretty lil princesses
Dear Diary,
Dirty phone sex secrets are just sooooooo delicious. Especially the ones I’m about to share with you right now! *giggles* But at this point I’m not going to share all of them just a few! I had a two girl phonesex call with Princess Valerie and one of her callers *R* And I have to say that Valerie reminds me so much of myself and the kinda things I do with guys that call me. Valerie started telling me that *R* likes to wear panties. For all you panty bois out there why do you think he likes wearing them? Well it’s because he has a lil weenie! Hehehehe! That just makes me giggle soooooooo much! I just adore small penis humiliation phonesex and talking about itty bitty dickies! Anyway don’t let me get started on that cause I could just go on and on about you pathetic losers with prick dicks!
So back to *R* not only does he like wearing them but once in them he likes getting on his knees to suck cock! OMG it’s a total reminder of my other posts! This guy wants her to totally bitch him out and not only look for cocks to suck from ads on Craigslist but he also wants to go to glory hole clubs! This guy is the true meaning of what a cock slut is because not only will he drop to his knees in a fucking second and suck on big juicy fat cocks but he will take it up his ass too!  It’s the perfect mixture for blackmail phone sex because today I found out that his girl friend back home has no idea of how many dirty secrets he has. Just think of what she would do if those secrets were exposed!
There is so much leverage that Valerie has over his head now! And not only does she know but now I do also! It reminds me of a guy I threatened a few weeks ago. I had his wifes e mail address and phone number. I also had his best friend and mom and dad’s phone number and e mail. I had e mail addresses and passwords that I could just poke around and find all kinds of incriminating information. Just think of what a girl like me could do with all of that stuff! I threatened to post a picture of him AND his girl friend if he didn’t call me and serve me exactly as I want.  And there is a endless list of the things that a slut can do for me.
Valerie put *R’s* picture on her blog because he was taking too long to send her a gift to her amazon wishlist. And that’s just a taste of all of the secrets that I know about him too! MMMM financial domination is so sweet. Controlling a slaves money and how much he spends and when just makes my sweet little kitty puuuuuuur. Having all of that personal information from a subbie and holding that leverage to expose them at any given moment makes my pretty little panties soooo wet! *R* was so excited yet petrified of what she would do that once that picture of him sucking cock was on there for everyone to see he met he demands very fast. So now not only does she know but I know too! Just think it’s the perfect double team combination! What more could a subbie cock sucking panty boy phone sex slut ask for in me and Valerie!
Do you have any dirty secrets you want to share with us? Do you secretly like wearing pretty panties and want this princess to send you a pair of her sweet scented undies? Do you like the excitement and rush of not knowing if these two princesses will expose your dirty secrets to your wife, girl friend, parents or best friends at any moment? Never knowing if we will ruin your life or keep you at our mercy for more? Then pick up your phone and dial us for some of the hottest 2 girl phonesex fun you have ever had!
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